Finding a new love and NataschaSood on Etsy

It has been a busy week. Checking play schools for our daughter and at home busy with household, daughter and my crafting. 

I started crocheting pouches few weeks back. And I loved doing that. Then I thought of more and more ways to embellish and ended up doing embroidery. I love it! I found the 2 things that I really love doing: crochet and embroidery. 

Few days back I got a shop critique  (requested by me). I know my photos need, a lot of, work. But that person also told me my shop had too many different items. She wasn’t the first to mention, and lately I was thinking the same. 

So after some brainstorming, thinking, checking all the advice and critique, I ended up with my niche.

Colourful, vibrant crochet household items and pouches, and embroidery (as decorative addition to the crochet and as wall art/hoop art). With an Indian twist. 

So I will stop selling various items that don’t match the new and, hopefully, improved shop. 
Therefore 30% off on selected items. Check the clearance sale section in my shop. Clearance sale section Etsy NataschaSood 

Let’s see how it will go. 


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