starting over again

Wow, it’s 5 months since my last post. I must confess, i thought to leave the blogging all together. Too busy with my always active toddler, in meantime trying to get a household running, and get my etsy shop back on track. And feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted in the process.
I noticed last week, I got some new followers (thank you so much for your interest), so here I am again. Blogging…
I’ll be restarting slowly. Going to post once a week. On a Sunday or Monday.

Lately I’ve been working on mandalas. Crocheting, sketching, painting these circles. It’s quite enjoyable. My mother left me a lot of books on mandala art , as she also used to love this. I will be working from these books and syllabus, and from some old crochet books that belonged to my grandma. I hope to get some time and peace of mind to start designing my own crochet mandalas/ patterns. But that’s for later.
My posts will be about what i create, what i experience and other things that are worth telling about.

Bear with me, and see you again.




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