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going on holidays and finishing WIPs

Hello all.  Yesterday our holiday started, and tomorrow we’ll be on our way to Dharamshala,  in Himachal Pradesh.  Looking forward to escape the heat,  and spend couple of days in paradise.

Today I’m quickly whipping up some seat belt covers for the baby car seat.  It’s turning out quite nice.  It’s a simple SC rectangle,  but I love the colours and the thickness.  So baby Eliza will be comfy tomorrow during the 6 hour drive.


In evening packing,  and thinking which projects I’ll take with me.  I have couple of WIPS; 2 southern diamond shawls,  and a scarf.  Also thinking of starting a c2c baby blanket.


The pattern of the scarf comes from the book Austentatious crochet by Melissa Horozewski.  I love reading Jane Austen novels,  and love that Era.  So this book is 2 in one.

Today I discovered a new app.  And I really like it.  The app is called Crochet Land,  and has all kinds of tutorials from different websites.  I just watched the tutorial on c2c. Saw it often in crochet groups or CALs,  but I never made a c2c or even knew how to make.
Probably I’ll start in the car with the c2c..  😊

Next post I hope to have completed some of the WIPS.  Wish me luck…



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