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Coasters and shawls

Last 2 weeks i’ve been busy with two projects.  I wanted to make some small items for my Etsy shop. There are not too many items in my shop yet,  and the coasters work up quickly,  are fun to make,  and are a great stash buster. I made a set from an old seventies pattern (grandma’s book),  the other set I free hand crocheted.  No pattern,  just hook.



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I also came across a shawl CAL,  that I like so much..  I started on 3 shawls same time.  It’s a pattern by Kathy Lashley from Elk studio.  The shawl is called Southern diamonds shawl and it’s absolutely lovely. I just finished part 3 of the white/blue one. Now 2 more to go. The yellow yarn was since long in my cupboard, but never knew what to do with it. I think it’s quite nice for this shawl. The white/purple/multicolour is so much fun to work with. So many colour changes, and every time a surprise what colour will pop up..



And there was my birthday,  yesterday.  Got spoilt by husband with roses and a basket with products from the bodyshop.. In evening friends came over,  and we had lots of fun.  My fellow craft friend gave me a cactus.  Crocheted by her.  I really love it. Am not blessed with green fingers,  so this crocheted one will last.


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