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Been busy bee

So today I thought to write a post again.  Been quite busy since my dad came over from the Netherlands. We’re not going out too much in daytime,  since it’s 40 degrees celcius already.  But still we have a good time. It gives me some time to craft while we’re home.
Further,  our landlord sold the apartment we live in, means we have to move within couple of weeks. Wew. .Now I realize how much stuff I have gathered over time. I’m trying to organize, and try to clear out some old junk.

Still I found some time to work on my etsy shop.  Am promoting my socks off.
And I made some new things.

But  first,  it was my daughter Eliza’s first birthday last Saturday. Made her a unicorn,  which I finished just in time.  But am really happy with how it turned out. And  Eliza loved it..


Then I worked on my shop.  Made new photos, new logo, worked on the tags,  spend time promoting…  And I made one more beret,  which is a fun pattern to crochet.  Used black and blue.  I think the colours are vibrant,  the blue stands out nicely.



At the moment two projects are on the hook and needles.  Crocheting a new shawl.  When I saw the hanks in the market,  I fell in love instantly.  The colours remind me of  two very dutch types of food.  One is ‘Engelse drop’  (licorice),  the other is ‘vla’ (kind of custard) in  the flavours choco,  aardbei and vanille (chocolate,  strawberry and vanilla).
It’s a simple granny triangle shawl.


Today I also started to knit a baby dress.  Wanted to do something else,  and I hope this will go nicely in my shop.  There’s a lot of crochet being sold on etsy,  don’t know about the knitting. I hope it does well..


Till next time…



Michaels Knitting & Crochet

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