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Dutch treat and Mandala-Madness

Hello everyone.  Last post I mentioned my dad was coming to stay for a month.  He arrived last friday. Lovely to see dad again after long time.  And he also had goodies from the Netherlands.  Apart from the dutch eatables,  pindakaas,  hagelslag,  paaseitjes (peanutbutter (nothing beats dutch peanutbutter), chocolate sprinkles and Easter eggs) and gifts for the kids,  I also got a bag of yarn..
My friend Yolanda got a bunch of cotton yarn,  which is not available here, and some cross stitch kits.
My dad brought some of my  craft books,  which were still in his house. Crochet for home,  250 embroidery stitches,  400 knitting stitches,  two socks at same time. And a new one, Forrest Friends.
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Very happy with the books and the yarn.  I used it to start the Mandala-Madness CAL. Week one finished,  I just started week 2.


Must say,  I already learned a lot. Glad I started this,  it’s a fun,  challenging pattern. Next post more on the progress of,  not only,  the CAL,  but also the unicorn,  beret,  etc etc..
Too many wip’s at the moment.


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