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Unicorns and dragons

Hello everyone.  Last week I posted about the amamani dragon I was making for Eliza.  That project is still ongoing.  I am afraid it’s quite a lot of work,  and my time is limited.  So it probably won’t be finished for her birthday.


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I started something else instead .  A unicorn,  the pattern I found on ravelry.  enchanting unicorn.  I started off with white  speckled yarn,  but it came out very small.  Luckily I just went to the wool market,  so I had lots of new stash.  I’ve put 2 skeins together,  white and pink.  It works up fast,  and the size is perfect.  Pretty happy so far.



The small one I will also finish later. I really like the yarn. Probably it will go on etsy..


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