Happy happy

Hello everyone. This week I’ve been busy with several projects.  Still busy with my shawl,  which is taking forever. But almost done. Working on last rounds, then border left. I made a set of potholders and I also started on something new.  Next month baby Eliza will turn 1 year old (or young). I decided to make an amamani puzzle ball.  The pattern was bought on Annie’s.  I started the first parts, so plenty work left. Will be making the dragon / dino.

And something good happened. Finally, finally made my first sale on Etsy. I have the shop for several years, and to be honest, I didn’t put too much effort in the beginning. But since one year I try really hard to make items, spend time promoting and make the shop a proper shop. I was about to give up on it. And then someone purchased one of my berets. Am so happy. And feel very motivated again.

So what did I do with my earnings? Bought yarn, of course 😁.
Went to the wool market yesterday, and spend it all on yarn. So today busy making the skeins in balls.. And lots of ideas for projects.


But first Eliza’s puzzle ball, and that never ending shawl…



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