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Oh, it’s Om Nom

This week I spend time on several small projects,  and the shawl I’m crocheting.  I already showed in an earlier post my framed embroidery.Here is the rest. I clicked the photos with my new mobile (Micromax Canvas 5). Yay!!  Camera works great,  very happy with it.  Was difficult otherwise making photos and posting..

I make my very first amigurumi.  Found this pattern on ravelry. Check:  Om Nom. For you who don’t know, this is Om Nom,  character from the game ‘Cut the rope’.  Isn’t he cute?  My husband loves that game,  so Om Nom is already confiscated by him and baby Eliza…


Annie’s – Celebrating home, family and the creative spirit


Furthermore,  got the new mobile.  So made a sleeve.. Picture not too great though..


And still busy with the shawl. Not going very fast,  as I only get time in evening. One repeat of the pattern is left, and then the border.  In day time baby Eliza doesn’t let me. As you can see in the photo :-). So then I do smaller projects,  which I can keep out of her reach more easily..
I decided on crocheting a cream, lace-like border. Only fringes will give the shawl a too heavy look, as the yarn is quite thick. Hope to show the finished piece soon.


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