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Cross stitching and some leftover yarn

My camera is still broken, and cannot be fixed.  But there’s also good news:
new mobile on the way.  I expect it to be delivered Tuesday,  so then I can post regularly again.  Technology is a wonderful thing,  but only if it works properly..
And lately technology is falling apart around me. Thank god my 8 year old MacBook is still going strong (touch wood).

I finished a small embroidery / cross stitch project yesterday. These small kits are a nice time pass. Now planning to design some embroidery myself. Let’s see how that will go.  I made some sketches some months ago, but never started the actual embroidery.  On Instagram I saw the most beautiful embroidery pass by, and got inspired again. Compared to the ones i saw on instagram, this looks a bit simple, but still i’m happy..


A piece of embroidery needs a frame. This frame was made with cardboard,  some velvety fabric and leftover yarn.  Recycling at its best.  The cardboard came from a box,  which I used to make a light box. I have to play a bit with that box, find out ow that works with lighting and all.
So,  light box,  frame,  embroidery all done last few days.


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