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Baby kanga and pending projects

Hello all. Today a post on the laptop. Usually i use my mobile to click photos, and upload them straight to my blog. Unfortunately, my camera broke down. And, of course, no warranty anymore. So, hope you excuse me for the low quality photos. Taking pictures with an old camera now (then get the memory card, transfer photos to (an 8 yr old) laptop and from there to my blog…

Anyway. I finished the Kangaroo baby. I wasn’t too sure it would turn out nice, but am happy. The safety eyes, i got recently, are perfect for these softies..


Am also crocheting a shawl. Started when we were on the way to Delhi. It’s almost finished. Then the border. Still thinking what to do. Fringe or border (in contrast colour)?

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Hope to get my mobile fixed soon. Finish the shawl and some cross stitch projects I’m working on. You’ll see in my next post..


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4 thoughts on “Baby kanga and pending projects

  1. Sorry about your camera. That’s a bummer. But the baby Kanga is super cute and I’m loving the shawl. That is really beautiful.


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