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Drive to Delhi and pattern

Last month my passport expired.  So yesterday we headed for Delhi,  to go to the Dutch embassy.  We went by car,  a 5 to 6 hour drive,  depending on the traffic .  Early morning we left Chandigarh,  still clear roads.  My husband was driving and I started a shawl,  an easy pattern. I made couple of them already,  it looks nice and is a fun pattern. The pattern is in the photo below.  It is originally a written pattern from one of my old crochet books.  But since I don’t like written patterns,  I drew a chart,  which is according to me easier to follow.
I didn’t crochet too much,  because in Delhi I had to read the map.  And needed my full attention for that.  Delhi map and traffic is crazy..

Passport extended, couple of hours later we were on our way back.  This time I was driving.  I can tell you,  once driving in Delhi,  you can drive anywhere..



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