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Baby kanga and pending projects

Hello all. Today a post on the laptop. Usually i use my mobile to click photos, and upload them straight to my blog. Unfortunately, my camera broke down. And, of course, no warranty anymore. So, hope you excuse me for the low quality photos. Taking pictures with an old camera now (then get the memory… Continue reading Baby kanga and pending projects

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Wake Up and Smell the Yarn

Originally posted on BitterSweet:
When you wake up in the morning, how many times do you have to hit the snooze button before finally forcing yourself out of bed and jamming your feet into some socks? For me, I’m one of those rare “morning” people that are sometimes refered to as mythical creatures. There is…

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Drive to Delhi and pattern

Last month my passport expired.  So yesterday we headed for Delhi,  to go to the Dutch embassy.  We went by car,  a 5 to 6 hour drive,  depending on the traffic .  Early morning we left Chandigarh,  still clear roads.  My husband was driving and I started a shawl,  an easy pattern. I made couple… Continue reading Drive to Delhi and pattern

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Introducing Skippy

Hello everyone. Knitting the kangaroo went quite fast.  The legs were the most difficult part. And till the end i kept wondering if i had done them right.. After the legs it was pretty straightforward. But then came the finishing. It was quite a puzzle putting Skippy together. Again the legs were a problem.  I… Continue reading Introducing Skippy


Kangaroo toy

So,  I started knitting on the kangaroo.  The pattern comes from an old magazine that belonged to my grandma.  Was bit difficult in the beginning,  the description of the legs were quite confusing.  But I think it came out nicely.  Let’s see,  when I start putting it together,  if I did everything correctly..  Now it’s… Continue reading Kangaroo toy