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Finally finished doily and something new

Yay! Finally finished my doily. It took me almost a week, because i only got time in the evenings, but yesterday it was done. It was so cold, could barely hold my hook. But it came out nice, and I’m very happy with it. I love the red colour. But no more delicate projects for the time being.

Yesterday baby Eliza spent the day with her grandparents, so i had a baby day off..
I finished, stiffened and blocked my doily, then i crocheted a basic beanie. I had this yarn, and thought it was a quick and easy in-between project.


Today I wanted something else. There are so many projects on my wishlist, and this is one of them. It’s knitted, so a welcome change after all the crochet. I started with knitting actually, crochet I’m only doing since last year. But both are fun to do. Another idea came to mind, to do some more embroidery, but that comes later..

So, today the knitted kangaroo. The pattern comes from a 70’s-magazine that belonged to my grandma. I just received some safety eyes i ordered online, perfect for this project. Hope it will turn out as nice as I imagine..





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