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Doilies, cozies and brrrr…

When living in Netherlands,  I just loved winter.  The colder,  the better.  Loved the sight and feel of snow.  And although it was cold/ freezing outside, you could dress warm,  wear boots,  crawl in your shawl…  Coming home to a warm house,  thanks to central heating..
Now the Indian winter..
It’s less cold than Netherlands (it’s about 5 degrees celcius).  Unfortunately that temperature is the same inside the house.  I’m feeling so cold,  having trouble holding my crochet hook.  So,  wearing my fingerless mittens now.  And going to make a hot chocolate in a minute…



For Easter I was planning to make some egg cozies.  I used a pattern from my grandma’s old magazine.  But it didn’t really turn out as planned.  The egg cozy looks more fitting for a goose egg. Tried another pattern,  same thing happened.  Too big.  Frustrated,  because I followed the pattern,  and it doesn’t look remotely like the cozies pictured,  I decided to do something else.  Something I’m quite happy with.  I found a vintage pattern of a doily on the net,  and I think it looks great so far. I had this red yarn left, so tried that first to see how it would turn out.



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