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Hats and happy happy

Last Tuesday was a happy happy day.  The courier kept coming with parcels.

Since many years I just love reading the novels by Jane Austen,  Bronte sisters  and so on..  My Pride and Prejudice dvd (the BBC version with Colin Firth) I can almost recite word for word..
Last week I found a crochet pattern book based on her novels on (an Indian webshop) .  And it’s so cool, am so happy with it.  Can’t decide which pattern to do first..


Browse the selection of new knitting patterns at Annie’s today!



I also found a Internet shop selling lots of accessories for crochet,  knitting,  sewing etc.  These things are not easy to find here in Punjab,  so I got some money for Christmas,  and gave myself some gifts. I got cotton yarn,  tshirt yarn and some handy stuff. Don’t have to get bored for the time being..

Yesterday I finished a baret.  I like the pastel colours.  I don’t have a head,   so I used Hello Kitty :).  Got an idea to make a head out of papier mache,  will be fun to craft.
Today I started on a new baret in black,  white and neon green.  I’ll show the result in next post..



3 thoughts on “Hats and happy happy

  1. Gotta love it when you get to buy your own Christmas presents. I too spent my Christmas money on yarn. lol. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂


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