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Hello Kittycat

Today I’ve been knitting on top speed.  I had to finish the baby hat.  I’m quite slow,  also quickly distracted,  so my projects don’t make progress too fast.  Yesterday my husband and I brainstormed about my blogs (yes,  I have 2. The other one is ) and my etsy shop (NataschaSood). Both are not receiving too much traffic. We made a planning,  and got up with some ideas for reviving my shoppee.

So today I felt quite motivated. I started a yellow hat for baby Eliza.  And I managed to finish it.  While knitting I got the idea to make it a lioness hat. The ears,  eyes and nose I crocheted. Colourwise it matched and I thought it would look amazing.
Only it didn’t quite turn out as I had in mind.  It’s more a kitty instead of a fearless lioness,  but still I’m content with the result.
And,  most importantly,  Eliza was also happy with her kittycathat.





4 thoughts on “Hello Kittycat

    1. Thanks so much. I have that shop almost 2 yrs, I think. It’s doing nothing. I know part of the problem, it’s mix and match of everything. So I need to make it more one as a whole. I read you already have orders, that is so great.. I’ll check that link..

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