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Some updates on few of my projects

It’s been a while since I posted last. I started some small projects (baby cap, i crocheted round stones (yes, i did..) and used the evenings for my Peter Rabbit embroidery). Few days ago i was about to post, but then we got some very sad news.

My husband’s grandma suddenly passed away. She was a very feisty and lively lady. I loved her very much and admired her knitting. Within no time she managed to knit lovely cabled (or other pretty patterns) sweaters, vests and so on, without the use of a pattern.

Yesterday i got a pick from her leftover yarn bag. And also got some needles. I’ve started a hat for the baby. It will be in “koffieboontje” (coffee bean) pattern. (i think it’s a traditional Dutch pattern, so description of it is later in this post). Going to try to spiral the pattern. Let’s see if it turns out as well as i have in mind.
The colours are beautiful, very vibrant and lively as nani (grandma) was.
It will be a lovely reminder of her.

Another hat was also in progress, golden yellow yarn with seed stitch pattern.
(1st row: knit 1, purl 1.
2nd row: purl 1, knit 1
repeat row 1&2)

My embroidery is also gradually progressing.

So there are two special projects which i hope to finish and post soon.

Koffieboon pattern:
1st row: knit 2 , purl 2. repeat till end.
2nd row: knit 1, yo, knit 1, purl 2. till end.
3rd row: knit 3, purl 2. till end.
4th row: ssk, knit 2, place 1st stitch (ssk) over the 2 knitted stitches,
purl 2. till end.






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