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And now for something completely different

After crochet and knitting, i feel like a bit of change. In my storage i still have a lot of (unfinished, what’s new…) embroidery projects.

This one is close to my heart. When my eldest daughter Aditi was on the way, i had the idea of having everything in Beatrix Potter / Peter Rabbit theme. I got couple of embroidery kits to embroider.
My mother, future grandma, also got the embroidery virus and asked me to give one kit for her to make. After few weeks i got it back. Unfinished, it wasn’t for her. I remember i was quite irritated, because she has a different hand in stitching, making the stitches quite tight and they’re pointing in opposite direction as i make them..

So, this kit ended up in a drawer. And stayed there for years (my daughter is 5yrs old now)..

Till today, i decided to finish what my mom started. She passed away 3 years ago, so the fact that her stitches are different from mine, will now be a lovely reminder of her. Hope to finish it soon. It will be in the baby room of my youngest daughter now.




3 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. I’ve been looking through your posts for hours! I am so jealous of your talent! I have never been able to knit at all, and believe me, I’ve tried! Beautiful blog!


    1. Thank you so much! You know, I just did the same thing. Checked your blog, and am envying yours. Love your art work. I keep trying to pick up drawing again, but no time, no inspiration..


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