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Quick cowl

At the moment I’m busy with several projects that will take some time. So to prevent getting bored I started something new.  One of many, many projects.  I bought this thick, acrylic,  pink yarn. Thought to make a cowl out of it.  Something quick with a nice easy pattern.  So it’s quick enough to make, and you don’t have to use your brain too much.. I quite like the colour and the pattern as well.. Added some cream and black,  because it got a bit too pinky for my taste. Am halfway now,  hope you all like.

ps If anyone has suggestions / ( constructive)  criticism about my blog, pls let me know in the comments.  Then I can improve my writing / blog..

And the finished item. Will give it to my friend. Just in time before the winter starts.. IMG_20151127_220637_AO_HDR.jpg



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