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A day at the Wool market

Today,  finally finally I went to the local wool market in sector 38, Chandigarh. It opens in winter season, from October till April, and for weeks I’ve been looking forward to go. So, today was the day. With my patterns in my bag, i drove to the place.
I love to browse all the stalls, although there are a couple of favorite places where i always buy. I got some different coloured hanks for a pattern i’m going to do. Baby blanket with Noa’s Arc from May 2008 issue of Crochet! Magazine. Some extra i bought just for stash. I realized a while ago, i have lots and lots of multicoloured / self striping/ fancy yarns, but little plain colours.
After some time looking around, i got my treasures..

And now the daunting task of making all these hanks into neat, tidy balls..

IMG_20151105_145314 IMG_20151105_144815


IMG_20151105_211005 IMG_20151105_210943


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