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Play time / using scraps

My baby daughter loved this block / ball.. It’s made out of scrap yarn and I recycled her baby gym.  Took bells and fiberfill out of the toys,  and used it for this block.  It also gave me an opportunity of practicing on different textures and stitches.  One square (the white one) is done in Tunisian knit stitch. I used the ‘wrong’ side, so there is structure on the outside of the block. Further i tried different multicoloured patterns in “normal” crochet, like stripes, block patterns. Am quite happy  how it turned out. And i really like the colours.
Planning to do more of this. It’s nice, small and quick to do. I never make a gauge before starting a project. Always thought it’s a waste of time. And i always want to start directly with the chosen project. But will start with gauge now. In that way i don’t stuff up my projects (by getting wrong size or shape, which is truly a waste of time) and i get more squares for a block / ball or blanket. So more of this coming in future…

IMG_20151031_184402 IMG_20151031_183934 IMG_20151031_183912


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