Crochet Crocodile Stitch Photo Tutorial

Came across this awesome blog, and great post. Always put projects with crocodile stitch off, but now I have to try.

the twisted yarn

One of the crochet stitches that’s important for the house bag is the crocodile stitch. Look, here it is, used for the roof of the house, which forms the flap for the bag:-

Crocodile Stitch For The Roof Of The House Crocodile Stitch For The Roof Of The House

It’s not difficult but it looks fancy, and it’s a stitch that works well for scarves. Since you work the scales one-at-a-time, it can carry a variegated yarn quite well, more so than – say – a granny square, which can get weirdly splodgy in a variegated yarn.

Crocodile Stitch Crocodile Stitch

Just don’t make an entire cardigan in this stitch, especially not in green, or you will look like an actual crocodile – which is not a good look (except on crocodiles, of course).

Whilst I finish off writing up the bag pattern, I thought I’d put together these instructions, because although there are a lot of crocodile stitch tutorials…

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