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Almost finished projects

It’s been very hectic lately.  My dad came over from Netherlands, staying one month. He brought some of my old craft books, that were still at his place. But more about that next time.
Taking care of baby, household, entertaining dad… and trying to find time to do some crafting.. So things are not going fast and there’s little time to post. Still I managed to do a bit.  Knitting a bolero / Cardigan for the baby.  Only ruffles a left to do,  and then stitching it together.  The cardigan knits up fast,  am quite happy with how it turns out.

The granny squares are still in progress.  Tonight I’ll find a nice sequence and make a shawl out of it.  That spencer pattern,  will have to wait.  Soon I will visit the local wool market,  that opened recently again,  and get some nice coloured yarn..

Hope to post the finished pieces very soon..

IMG_20151009_152118_AO_HDR IMG_20151009_152103_AO_HDRsofty softy cardigan in progress


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