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Back in business

After lots of internet troubles, finally properly online again today. There’s one positive side to
being (as good as) internetless. You get more time to do other stuff.
In this case i finished 2 hats. One for my eldest daughter and an identical one for her baby sister.
The granny square cardigan i was making, is finished. That is: i ran out of yarn! I had only 4 grannies left. So now
thinking what to do with the 60 grannies i did make.. One idea that came up, is making a big, cosy scarf. Or a bag, babyblanket.. Any other ideas are welcome.. At the moment the scarf idea is favourite..
Hope to post the finished granny square piece and some more finished projects soon.


IMG_20150929_102329_AO_HDRWearing her big sister’s hat.
The baby size followed later..



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