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Love love love Kaffe..

I thought of posting about one of my favourite artists today.  All my WIP’s are still taking some time,  as I’m busy sketching for my husband’s project. The granny squares cardigan is one third done,  although I’m afraid I’m running out of yarn.  If that’s the case,  it will be a scarf or bag.  Granny’s are versatile..

But let’s get back to my topic: Kaffe Fassett.  I can’t remember when I first heard about him,  but I know I was immediately in love with his work. The patterns,  colours,  paintings, quilts, all are beautiful.  Have some of his books,
Kaffe Fassett’s pattern library among others. Making one of his designs is still on my wishlist, but the fair Isle is very intimidating.  I posted a small pattern from his book. Hope you all like.  And I hope to show you a fair Isle project soon..



the pattern is # 193. The rose top, right.IMG_20150917_125605_AO_HDR



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