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handy trick to restore your granny blanket and finished rug

Today I came across this super handy crochet tip.  Thought to share it with you. It was posted by
Lilla Bjorn on her blog.   

So this is the link on how to restore your granny blanket, so you don’t have to throw it when it gets torn. It looks pretty straightforward, with good explanation and clear photos.  

I also finished a scrap-rug today, although I’m not completely happy with it. The edges ripple, probably because of the different fabrics i used. Half my wardrobe is in this rug, from t-shirts, shawls to dresses and palazzos. For the last round i cut up my old dress, which made my husband very happy. He really hated that dress 🙂  . Colourwise I like it, the colours match well together, i think.
Anyway, the ripple bothers me. If anyone has tips and tricks how to straighten this, please do share with me.


IMG_20150909_223604And this is the finished piece..


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