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Pending Projects Challenge

I recently took a digital subscription on Crochet! magazine. So very happy with it, it’s very informative, so many patterns and designs to choose from. Beautiful photos, which make you want to crochet everything you see.
And while i was browsing all the archives for nice patterns, i realized I still have so many projects pending. This is a selection of it.  Add to that the wishlist with so much more projects,  and you can imagine I’m quite busy. Every time i see something worth making. Plus the fact that i get bored soon, and before you know it 5, 6 projects are there. I made myself a commitment now; finish the pending projects, before starting a new one. Let’s see how that goes.

Project to do:
Windmill bag, Crochet! magazine September 2010   or
Horse around purse,
Baby bolero / shrug, Breien voor baby lente 2007,
a piece in tunesian simple stitch.
and socks, see pattern below.




I = knit
> = knit 2 together

O= yarn over


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