Welcome to Crafts Modiale!

Let me start with introducing myself and telling what my blog is about.

My name is Natascha Sood – de Boer. Born and raised in the Netherlands, lived briefly in Belgium
and after a short return to Netherlands, now living in Punjab, India with my husband and kids.
Since childhood i have been busy in crafting and drawing. Always busy sketching or making things from textiles, wool, chestnuts and so on. From my grandmother i learned to knit in the round. And bit by bit i taught myself to knit and crochet. Still my interest is quite divers, from crochet to knitting, embroidery etc. Everything is worth exploring, interesting and fun to do. My grandmother left me her old crafting books, with lots of info about stitches, different sorts of crafting, which i would love to share with you.

On this blog i will post craft techniques from around the world, as well as some vintage techniques.  I will write about these techniques, the history and post photos, patterns etc.

Enjoy browsing and hope you get some inspiration from my blog.

kind regards, Natascha


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